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Summer Style – Chinos


It’s the middle of summer, you’re headed to an event, and shorts or jeans don’t seem right. Hopefully, you’ll be able to open up your closet and pull out a pair of light, cool chinos to substitue for denim. Although considered preppy, a decent pair of chinos can be a welcome addition to any wardrobe, especially in a fun, non-traditional color. Yes, you may take a few jabs from friends or coworkers, but colored chinos are definitely in, so take a risk and you should be commended for the bold fashion choice.

Links: Brooks Brothers, Dockers, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger


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The iPhone5!  What will features will it have?  What will it look like?  What will Steve Jobs and Co. roll out next to put the competition to shame?  Well we probably won’t know till sometime around September because that’s when it’s coming out.  With changing news and information occasionally leaking, we have the site for you to keep up on the latest. is a site dedicated to bringing the latest in iPhone5 information to the public. You’re welcome.

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Summer Style – Tie Clips

Summer has started and as the end of June approaches, it definitely means that temperatures are going to rise. If you work in a Business Formal environment and decide to ditch the suit jacket in an effort to stay cool, then it’s time to think about investing in some tie clips. When you are walking to work, you do not want to look like the Commander in Chief above. Tie clips not only keep the wind blown look under control, but also can add some style and extra flair to your wardrobe.

Check out some different options: Jos. A. Bank / Men’s Warehouse / Bonobos

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Need a Gift for Dad?

If you are anything like us here at Graduated Culture, you probably are a last second shopper.  As some of you know, and some of you probably don’t know, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  Obviously, we have not done our shopping.  However, The Wall Street Journal is here to help with a list of books for you pops, because you know your dad likes two things: sports and reading.  Check the article here.

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Apple has apparently outdone Windows once again. Most have probably seen the horribly tacky Windows “to the cloud” commercials, but Apple has now released their own version called iCloud. It stores and automatically pushes music, photos, apps, calendars, and documents to all of your Apple devices. Download a song on your iPad, it is then pushed automatically to your computer and iPhone using iCloud. It comes with free 5 GB of storage, which should be plenty since all items purchased from Apple do not count against your storage space. Coming this fall, iCloud is easy and convenient. More information HERE.

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Virtual DJ

Have you ever wanted to work the turn tables but don’t have the funds, know-how or time?  Have you ever wanted to become a Milkman-esque DJ but realized you don’t have the tools?  Well, Virtual DJ is the thing for you.  Virtual DJ is free software which allows you to do all of the things your favorite DJ does.  Whether it’s playing songs for a party or making a Girl Talk like mix, Virtual DJ has it all.  This easy to use software even has different products for club DJs, turntablists, Video DJ’s and more.  Click here and enjoy!

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Lasonic i931 Boombox

Blending the old school style of the “ghetto blaster” with the latest iPod accessible technology, Lasonic has put together a visually stunning boom box that is sure to be the envy of all your friends. Not only will this set pound the latest hot jams, but it will also be a surefire conversation starter with anybody in attendance at your latest soiree. Plug it into the wall and let it stand alone or throw 10 D batteries into it, toss it on your shoulder, and embrace the early days of Hip Hop. The Lasonic i931 will get the job done. Buy at Rotocade or Amazon.

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Summer Style – The Best Gingham Gear


With summer about to kick into full gear, it is definitely time to pick up some new threads so that you’re looking fresh and up to date. Why not throw a little excitement into that wardrobe with a bit of Gingham? Originally an adjective from the Maylay language meaning striped, Gingham will separate you from the crowd, who will still rely on their expected plaid patterns. Checkout Complex‘s Best Gingham Gear for Summer, especially if you need a new belt (above) or if you want to compelte that summer suit with an extra nice pocket square.

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Audi A7

Billed as a luxury Sportback, the A7 is Audi’s latest design that continues to reinvigorate the brand. From the LED lined headlamps to 310 HP and 325 lb.ft of torque under the hood, this car screams both high end class and all world performance. It will be interesting to see if the 5 door Sportback design will appeal to the American public, but this model also comes loaded with all of Audi’s latest technology like Drive and MMI Touch. For just under $60 K, you could be the envy of everyone at the country club. Audi A7

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The wait is finally over! For those of you who have had HBO and have been continually frustrated with HBO On-Demand, you now finally have access to all of HBO’s offerings: any show, any season, any episode. You receive access to HBO GO with a normal subscription to HBO through your cable or satellite provider. Available on the computer, iPad, or iPhone, you can now catch up all of those classic shows that you may have missed when they first ran (The Wire or Sopranos anyone?). Besides all of the shows, there will also be a variety of movies, documentaries, & HBO specials. If you’ve never had HBO, then it might be time to sign up. HBO GO

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