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The Decision that Turned a Hero to a Villain

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach”.  Every sports fan knows this quote.  LeBron James’ immortal words spawned thousands of dirty jokes and a boiling hatred from everyone in Ohio.  The Decision was supposed to be the grandiose culmination of sports’ biggest free agent hunt ever.  Unfortunately for LeBron, it turned into a debacle which has been critiqued and ridiculed by nearly everyone.  The Decision turned the most lovable athlete in the world to the most hated, in an hour.  Sports Illustrated recently published a great behind the scenes peice about how this legacy changing night came about. 



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Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

ESPN has dominated the world of sports as of late, but was once a fledgling, start up cable company that had the wild idea to broadcast sports 24/7. Those Guys Have All the Fun is an oral history of the company told by the people that were there making it happen. Written by the same duo that gave us the oral history of SNL (Live From New York), James Miller and Tom Shales, this book interviews everyone from the network’s creator to its biggest personalities and star athletes. It is a fascinating read to learn about how the company started, barely survived, and then made it to where it is today.  Although it carries a hefty page count, the book is full of great stories, amazing insights, and fascinating details.


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Why Can’t US Build a Soccer Star

After this weekend’s devastating loss to the Mexico, the US Men’s soccer team seems to be struggling to find answers.  While the Yanks were getting beat, one thing was obvious to everyone viewing, the Americans just don’t have the type of players that can take over a game.  The Wall Street Journal put together a great piece on why America has yet to put a top-tier talent in the Red, White and Blue.  Click here to get a little more knowledge on why we struggle to develop soccer stars.

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The Last Innocent Programs

USC, Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Tennessee are football programs synonymous with winning National Championships.  Aside from the championships, they share another common bond:  all have been linked to or convicted of major NCAA violations.  We posted an article on Ohio State’s recent struggles a couple of weeks ago.  After the recent Buckeye fiasco, The Wall Street Journal conducted an investigation to find if there were ANY schools in the major conferences who have not been in trouble with the NCAA (hint: not many).  This interesting piece is a must read for any college football fan.  Check the article here.

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The 2011 NBA Draft

The 2011 NBA Draft is full of uncertainty and lack of top tier talent.  However, while some pundits call this “the weakest draft in history”, other pundits believe there is a lot of depth and a wealth of NBA talent in the field.  The draft is upon us in only a matter of hours and to get the latest breakdown on team needs, the players and potential trades (hint: there will be big name NBA players dealt) the good folks at Grantland have provided us with all the information we need.  Click the above links for all draft related questions.

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LeBron – The Shrinkage Edition

Unless you’ve been cryogenically frozen, living under a rock or just hate sports that much… you’ve probably heard about LeBron’s NBA Finals performance (or lack there of).  It goes without saying that over the past six games LeBron shrunk more than a male unit in an ice river.  He was HORRENDOUS.  While many say he deserved it for his heartless exit from Cleveland or teaming up on his (would-be) rival’s team or guaranteeing multiple championships; it is still quite fascinating the world’s best player completely disappeared on the game’s biggest stage.  Check this article by respected writer Joe Posnanski.

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Today, Bill Simmons (ESPN) launched his own website and latest venture GRANTLAND. Taking its name from legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice, who helped make sports paramount in American culture during the 20th Century, it would seem Simmons is hoping to do something very similar in the 21st. He has assembled a collection of both respected and up and coming writers and bloggers. While Simmons has always weaved sports and popular culture together in his writing, GRANTLAND hopes to be an entire website of the same style. Instead of having to go to multiple entertainment sites or sports blogs, GRANTLAND will now be the preferred destination. Check out the site HERE.

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Sports Century – Classic Video Montage

Tweeted by ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter, this is a Sports Century montage of some of the most classic images and videos in sports over the last century. There is a good chance this video will give you goosebumps.

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Tressel and the Ohio State Scandal

Jim Tressel is known for two things: winning Big Ten Championships and the sweater vest.  Well now the once revered leader of the Buckeye Nation has resigned due to scandal regarding his cover up of players trading memorabilia for free tattoos.  However, new information has surfaced about numerous prior NCAA violations during Tressel’s tenure.  To see more information on this groundbreaking scandal rattling one of the nation’s perennial powerhouses, read HERE.  You can bet college coaches around the country are following closely and hopefully learning their lessons.

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The BS Report Podcast – Bill Simmons “The Sports Guy”

Bill Simmons, The Sports Guy, is a writer for ESPN.COM and arguably the most popular sportswriter in the United States. Using an everyday fan’s perspective and combining it with analysis, insight and popular culture, Simmons has created a unique voice that men and women of all ages can relate to. In 2007, Simmons made the jump into Podcasts and now puts out two to three per week. If you only have your iPod or iPhone, these Podcasts are a great substitute/upgrade over sports talk radio.

Download Podcasts HERE. Visit Simmons’ ESPN Page. Follow him on Twitter.

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